Alert Level 3 & 4 Shipping

We are able to continue shipping out honey products during the COVID-19 lockdown (Level 4 & 3).
Under Level 4 we are able to ship beeswax products only in order containing honey.

Our facilities are on our home property, so we are able to pack and send directly without contacting anyone outside our home bubble. It may take a little longer for packages to get to you, so please allow a couple of days for your order to arrive.

We've extended our free urban courier offer to all of NZ (normally just Palmerston North) for all orders while the lockdown is in effect. Rural courier is a flat $4

Liquid Honey

Liquid Honey
Natural unpasteurised honey - perfect for sweetening drinks, cooking, baking etc or if your kids put too much creamed honey on their toast! Our honey may have a minimal amount of heat used before packing to return it to a liquid state as raw honey will naturally crystalise.

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