All beehives must be inspected by an approved beekeeper at least once a year to meet the legal requirements of the American Foulbrood Pest Management Strategy.
Once you have become an approved beekeeper by sitting and passing the DECA exam, there may still be instances in which you require the services of a more experienced beekeeper to inspect your hives.

Hives Manawatu apiarists are DECA approved, and are happy to share their knowledge with new beekeepers as part of the inspection process, and can suggest manipulations and methods that may improve the health and strength of the hives.

Inspection Services

  • Certificate of Inspection checks
  • Disease Identification
  • Failed Queens
  • Hive Splitting
  • Varroa Management
  • General Advice

Hives Manawatu has a set rate of $60.00 including gst per hour for all inspection services. Travel charges may apply for work outside the Palmerston North boundaries.

Contact us to book a site visit or for more information.

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